Funny India vs Pakistan (Ind vs Pak) 4th June trolls memes quotes images for Fb 2017

India vs Pakistan Funny Trolls Memes

India Vs Pakistan is a recent trending topic. The people wait for this day eagerly than their birthday. The people from both the countries always give lots of spicy reactions of this topic which can never go out from the trend. Today i.e. on 4th June 2017 is an another special day as today is the match of Ind Vs. Pak. The match is scheduled for today and it is already trending on Twitter and Facebook. People show their stands on their team by using trolls, memes, quotes and images.

Ind vs Pak 4th June Funny Trolls Memes Images

Social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook are filled with Ind Vs. Pak trolls and memes nowadays. We have collected the best memes, trolls, images and quotes on Ind Vs. Pak here on this web page. I can bet that these trolls, memes etc will surely make your day.

India vs Pakistan Trolls

India vs Pakistan

India vs Pakistan Championship Trolls

When it’s come to India Vs. Pakistan cricket match, each match becomes special and memorable. The fans are supporting their team by spreading Ind Vs. Pak trolls, memes etc on social media platform. So, on this 4th June’s Ind Vs. Pak match spread these jokes and memes to show your support to team India.

India vs Pakistan Championship Trophy Funny Trolls Memes

So, here we go jus have a look at this wonderful of funny trolls, memes, images and quotes especially on today’s i.e. 4th June’s Ind Vs. Pak cricket match for ICC Champions Trophy.

Funny India vs Pakistan (Ind vs Pak) 4th June trolls memes quotes images for Fb 2017

India vs Pakistan 4th June Match Trolls

India vs Pakistan Championship Match Trolls

India vs Pakistan Funny Trolls Memes

  • Pakistan Team Captain: We won’t let Kohli score 100 this time.
    Team Members: How?
    Pakistan Team Captain: Simple, we will get all out at 98!
  • Pakistan walo chaahe padh lo kitna bhi kalma, tumhare bowlers ko to thok ke rahega Anushka ka Balma.
  • When is the Pakistan cricket team most under pressure? Simple, when they have one run to chase in 30 balls with 8 wickets in hand.
  • Na ishq me… na pyaar mai… Jo mazaa hai Pakistan ki haar mai.
  • Interviewer: Vapis aaoge toh tumhe goli maar denge.
    Misbah: Goli se dar nhi lgta saheb, Virat Kohli ki batting se lgta hai!



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